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Sustainable Food and Beverage Management Associate Degree

May 31, 2022
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Prepare yourself to enter the workforce, or advance in the hospitality industry, with a Sustainable Food and Beverage Management Associate Degree!  This degree program prepares students to work in the food and beverage industry. Students master the management skills necessary to work in both large and small operations, including restaurants, hotels, resorts, hospitals, schools, retirement homes, catering businesses and food trucks. NOTE: Wine Certificate courses and Culinary/Baking and Pastry courses count toward this degree!

The path: 

Complete the required Hospitality Core Classes including:

  1. BUSI 120A          Basic Accounting (4)
  2. HOSP 23           Culinary Foundations of Professional Cooking I (3)
  3. HOSP 53           Food and Beverage Service Management (3)
  4. HOSP 58           Sanitation, Safety, Equipment (3)
  5. HOSP 63           Hospitality Supervision (1.5)
  6. HOSP 64           Customer Service (3)
  7. HOSP 66           Practices in Hospitality (1)
  8. HOSP 70           Hospitality Cost Control (3)

Choose a concentration and complete 6-6.5 units in areas like Baking and Pastry Arts, Sustainable Culinary Arts, Wine Service, Catering, or others.

Complete a “hands on” work experience course, and

Required General Education core classes.  

Sixty units later you have an Associate Degree!  Whether you take one class a semester or more, you will be making progress towards a college degree that will help you compete for positions in supervision and management.  .  

MPC Student Success Story:

Fanny Gonzalez - Student Testimonial 

MPC Hospitality student, Fanny G., earned her AS Sustainable Food and Beverage Management Degree at MPC May 2022.  She first connected with MPC several years ago by enrolling in HOSP 40 - Wine Fundamental while working for a Monterey County Winery/Tasting Room.  Fanny will tell you that as she was taking the first class, she learned about all the MPC Hospitality program had to offer and decided to take more classes as a part-time student.  While taking classes, Fanny accepted a sales position with a national beverage and spirits distributor as a Sales Associate.  In her final semester at MPC she was promoted to Regional Sales Manager.  Fanny’s hard work and perseverance has paid off–and yours can too!  Connect with today and get on your path to career success in the hospitality industry.  

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