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Just one seat on a city council or on the County Board of Supervisors can change that group’s relationship with our industry for years.

MCHA Position

We strive to:

  • Engage with diverse, business friendly professionals willing to run for local offices, and support them through the election process by working closely with Monterey Bay Action Committee. Every election year, the MCHA Government Affairs Committee receives recommended endorsements from the Monterey Bay Action Committee to consider for our own support and endorsement. Working together with like-minded organizations in this way strengthens our ability to place individuals with good business sense in positions of leadership in our local communities.


As the trade association for the hospitality industry in Monterey County, MCHA believes it is important that we are actively involved in elections and support those candidates, propositions and measures that will have a significant effect on our industry and community. Elected officials shape local policy and adopt regulations which in turn impact, positively or negatively, our businesses, the community and residents. Tax measures impact the cost of doing business.

MCHA is a member of the Monterey Bay Action Committee Candidates & Issues as well as the Monterey County Business Political Action Committee.  Members of MCHA’s government affairs committee (GAC) sit on these boards and are involved in an extensive candidate interview process.  These recommendations then go to the GAC who in turn makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for final approval.  In some instances, MCHA will make its own endorsements.

The candidates we endorse have shown by their actions and through their interviews that they do understand the importance of our industry to the community, the significant issues (like water and traffic) and a willingness to listen to our concerns. We believe the tax measures are appropriately drafted to raise monies to be directed to specific needs such as streets and transportation, and with enough controls to assure the monies are used efficiently.

MCHA is proud to endorse the following candidates:

  • Supervisor, District 2 – Kimbley Craig
  • Supervisor, District 3 – Chris Lopez
  • Monterey County Sheriff – Joe Moses
  • District Attorney – Jeannine Pacioni
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