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Training & Development

Hospitality-specific seminars, resources and career pathway opportunities.

Our goal is to inform, educate and train members and their employees in basic hospitality principles and current issues relevant to the hospitality industry, with a focus on long-term growth and retention.

Workshops & Seminars

MCHA offers professional development workshops throughout the year that help hospitality employees advance their careers and explore new pathways within the industry. Most seminars spotlight evergreen topics through the lens of current trends, focusing on Leadership Training, Human Resources, Wellness, Sustainability and Guest Experience.

Upcoming Workshops & Seminars

MCHA seminars provide tangible, tactical career tools, whether participants choose a long-term hospitality career or work in tourism while studying something else. Employees gain knowledge, resources, and stronger problem-solving and customer-service skills.

Dina Hagens
Quail Lodge
Director of Human Resources and a past MCHA seminar leader

member resources & certification

We work with our partners to provide easy access, up-to-date links and
information on compliance, workforce development and career growth

The People in Hospitality

  • Andrea Ferrara

    “Once I started moving up, I realized there were so many directions I could go. I grew up in the area and I watched the Embassy Suites being built, so it’s been fun to come full circle and build my career here,” Ferrara says. “The hospitality industry gives me the opportunity to live locally and build a family here. Without this job, I don't know that I would have stayed in the area.”

  • Sam Arevalo

    In just a few years, Sam went from an entry-level position to number two in our engineering department.

    "I had never thought about a job in hospitality, but Rancho Cielo gave me the tools for success. All I had to do was take advantage of them," he says. "When people there see that you are committed, dedicated, and stand out from the group, they will make sure you’re set up for success."

  • Philip Paim

    Philip Piam was born in Portugal and fell for the area while visiting his sister on the Monterey Peninsula. He joined the Inns-by-the-Sea team at age 20, working first in landscaping and painting. Piam then developed his construction and engineering skills by observing local tradespeople, rose to the director of facilities role, and now trains incoming maintenance employees. Piam’s hospitality career taught him valuable professional skills. It also helped him buy a house and raise a family in Pebble Beach.

Committee Chairs

  • Headshot of Paige Viren

    Paige Viren

    CSUMB-Sustainable Hospitality Management


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