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Water Issues

A consistent, reliable water source is essential to maintaining our existing infrastructure and providing solutions for more affordable workforce housing. With our current water situation, we cannot fulfill state requirements for increased affordable housing and it threatens our industry’s livelihood. Water is at the source of our housing and labor shortages.

MCHA Position

We strive to:

  •  Continue working toward a sustainable long-term water solution that will avoid the need for water rationing.

  • Develop messaging that supports a long-term water supply that; 1) Respects the needs of the Salinas Valley; 2) Protects the Monterey Bay; 3) Protects the Carmel River and its federally protected resources.

  • Work with the Coalition of Peninsula and other Local and State Agencies to make sure that the now approved Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project continues to move forward in a timely manner, and monitor the progress of the conditions of approval.

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