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Community Collaboration

Our community and local residents benefit greatly from tax revenues generated by hospitality. This revenue supports essential services for the residents while providing a wide variety of cultural, educational and recreational opportunities for their enjoyment. The importance of our relationship with the local community cannot be over stated.

MCHA Position

We strive to:

  • Work closely with the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau to maintain sufficient funding from the county and cities to allow the necessary Tourism Marketing and Promotion Funding for the economic recovery of the hospitality industry.
  • To the extent possible, work with neighborhood associations and other civic groups in Monterey to gain support for a strong and positive tourism industry.
  • Engage with new and existing elected officials to continually build relationships and advocate for the industry, with an emphasis on the City of Monterey and Monterey County Board of Supervisors. It is our job to make sure they know how difficult it can be to remain successful in our industry, and more importantly, how the decisions they make can affect our ability, positively or negatively, to survive and thrive. It’s also important to note that the more successful our industry is, the more tax revenue they receive to benefit the jurisdiction and its residents.
  • Consider working with some organized neighborhood groups in Monterey to gain support for a strong and positive tourism industry.
  • Hold quarterly briefings to all city council members and Supervisors on the condition of tourism in the county, with a goal to have MCHA briefings on the agenda.
  • Begin working on a Community Benefit Report, highlighting the impact and benefits hospitality brings to the community.
  • Work with our local, state and targeted non-profit agencies to help address the ongoing challenges related to childcare throughout Monterey County.
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