MCHA provides invaluable membership benefits related to advocacy, education and government affairs. We also offer vital leadership, representation and networking opportunities to members of the hospitality industry. While other local organizations deliver important and worthy benefits, MCHA is Monterey County’s ONLY organization advocating exclusively for the interests of those working in hospitality and tourism.

By working on behalf of all members, MCHA makes a greater impact than businesses can make on their own. This is a synergistic group, and the industry is more efficient and effective when we work collectively to promote our interests. Please join us, and help all members protect and promote the local hospitality industry.

To make the most of your MCHA membership:

  • Be involved – MCHA is most effective when each member contributes.
  • Be well informed – Stay up-to-date with e-mail newsletters, bi-monthly networking lunches and educational seminars.

Government Affairs

One of the primary benefits of an MCHA membership is our active and constant monitoring of government affairs issues through the Government Affairs Committee and our contracted government affairs director. He is responsible for attending various meetings on our behalf, including city council meetings, water meetings, board of supervisor meetings and other events. MCHA has a 40-year history in Monterey County, and our government affairs director has established solid relationships with many city and county officials. We have strength in numbers. When issues arise that affect our industry, we make our voice heard.


Education is an essential element of the Monterey County Hospitality Association. In addition to connecting employers and job seekers at our annual job fair, we schedule several educational seminars throughout the year. These seminars cover topics ranging from coaching skills to customer service to serving alcohol safely. We also have an excellent scholarship program that provides financial support to students attending college and pursuing advanced degrees in the hospitality and wine industries. Funds are available for continuing education and certification programs, as well, which helps employees already working in the field increase their knowledge and advance their careers.

Member Relations

The MCHA Member Relations Committee welcomes and connects new members to the organization, helping them make the most of their membership. This committee works closely with MCHA’s membership sales professional to recruit, integrate and retain new members. The salesperson shares details on how MCHA advocates for and protects our industry and helps to promote economic vitality in Monterey County. Through our mentor and ambassador program, we then strive to ensure that new members are welcomed and involved in MCHA’s ongoing events. We work to retain new and existing members and increase ongoing participation by encouraging individuals to attend educational seminars, employee recognition events and other community gatherings.


MCHA’s PR/Communications Committee shares the economic value and interests of the hospitality industry with Monterey County residents and members of the business community. We do this with internal member communications and external outreach to a greater Monterey County audience, communicating through monthly articles in the Monterey Herald, an updated website, occasional public service announcements and speaking engagements. We also inform our tourism colleagues, local business owners and neighbors about governmental issues relevant to the hospitality industry. And, we share success stories related to the positive contributions that tourism makes in Monterey County – including news on scholarships, educational programs, networking opportunities, advocacy, employee recognition events and other MCHA activities and events

Special Events

To provide informal networking opportunities for our membership, this committee holds bi-monthly general membership luncheon meetings with speakers who address issues pertaining to our industry. Additionally, MCHA’s Annual Dinner and Golf Tournament promote networking opportunities and relationships among our members. MCHA also organizes and is the sponsoring association for the popular spring Employee Appreciation Day and the Hospitality Recognition Lunch that takes place late in the year. Both of these events recognize the hard work and dedication of more than 23,000 local hospitality industry employees.