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August 1, 2022
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Courses Geared towards Hospitality and Career Advancement at MPC Fall 2022

Customer Service & Sales

HOSP 64: Customer Service (online this fall, (8/22 - 10/15) 

This highly practical class provides insight into the customer service environment and essential workplace skills, including problem-solving, dealing with difficult customers, and managing customer service. Communications basics of listening, non-verbal communication, and technology communications are also covered. Also offered as BUSI 64; credit may be earned only once. 

BUSI 49: Professional Selling (online this fall, 10/17 - 12/17)

This course is designed to build skills required for any type of sales career: retail sales, business to business, even entrepreneurial sales to help build one's own company. Course topics include customer behavior, the complete sales cycle from prospecting to closing, serving the customer, negotiating, and more.

Baking & Chocolate

HOSP 78: Bakeshop: Basic Baking Techniques (M-Th, 10/3 - 10/13, 8:30 - 12:50) 

Students learn baking processes, mixing methods and function of ingredients needed to produce a variety of specialty cakes, cookies, and pastries. Lab included.

HOSP 77: Bakeshop: Yeasted and Non-Yeasted Breads (W & Th, 11/16 - 12/15, 8:30-12:50)

This course introduces students to baking processes and ingredients, batters and doughs, yeast breads and rolls. Lab included

HOSP 84: Chocolate I: Introduction to Chocolate (F, 11/18 - 12/16, 8:30-12:45)

This course covers the history, growth, and processing of chocolate for baking and pastry uses. Students learn the art of tempering couverture and the uses of chocolate in pastry for baking and decorating. Types of chocolate, levels of quality, and uses of chocolate are covered.

Supervisory & Management

HOSP 53: Introduction to Food and Beverage Management (online this fall, 10/17 - 12/17)

Techniques and procedures of management are explored and developed as they relate to commercial and institutional food and beverage facilities. Topics include functions of management, marketing, menu development, effective cost controls in purchasing, labor, and service techniques.

HOSP 63: Hospitality Supervision (online this fall, 10/17 - 12/17)

This course helps potential and current hospitality supervisors understand basic principles of management and apply them while managing the resources of a lodging or food service operation. Effective communication and supervisory responsibilities, including evaluating and coaching, managing productivity and controlling labor costs, managing conflict and change, and problem solving are covered.

BUSI 22: Effective Leadership in Business (MW, 8/22 - 12/14, 9:30 -10:50)

This course builds awareness of personal traits and styles in developing leadership skills and philosophy. Students learn how to create a vision and a constructive environment that leads to success and personal satisfaction. The course also develops the ability to listen effectively, handle conflict, and overcome obstacles to become an effective leader in business.


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