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Monterey-Salinas Transit (MST) Partners with Commute With Enterprise to Offer Vanpool Option Subsidy for Monterey County Commuters

Monterey-Salinas Transit
September 14, 2022
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As Monterey County reopens and businesses welcome employees back into the workplace, commuters can take advantage of new incentives to further help reduce the high costs related to their commute. Realizing that existing public transit alternatives do not always meet the work commute needs of everyone in Monterey County, MST, in partnership with Commute with Enterprise is providing an innovative and sustainable shared mobility option through subsidized vanpooling.

MST will support the vanpool program by offering a $450.00 monthly subsidy to lessen the financial burden for participants and encourage participation. Each vanpool program is customized to the specific needs of its four or more vanpoolers. The remaining cost is split among participants, with each vanpool rider paying a set fee per month. Employers can also support their employees by contributing to the cost and making vanpooling an even more attractive option for their workforce.

“Keeping our communities connected by way of directly operated bus service or through partnerships and programs like vanpools support our vision for a healthy community, and access to opportunities for everyone by reducing their cost of mobility”, commented MST General Manager/CEO, Carl Sedoryk. “According to the Automobile Club the overall average cost to own and operate a new car in 2022 is now over $10,000 and using transit or taking advantage of vanpools can greatly reduce that expense”, Sedoryk continued.

Participants can choose a qualifying vanpool vehicle from Enterprise’s selection of makes and models that includes crossovers, SUVs, minivans, and large passenger vans. Vanpoolers may choose to upgrade their vehicles with optional high-end features such as satellite radio or in-vehicle Wi-Fi service.

Commute with Enterprise also provides 24-hour roadside assistance, liability insurance, and scheduled maintenance. And as part of Enterprise’s Complete Clean Pledge, Commute with Enterprise provides best practices for cleaning and Complete Clean Starter Kits for new Commutes.

Commuters in Monterey County interested in joining the program can visit

For more information, visit or call Monterey-Salinas Transit toll-free at 1-888-MST-BUS1 (1-888-678-2871). For RealTime bus arrival information, text “Next” and your four-digit bus stop ID (example, “Next 9103”) to 25370, call 1-888-MST-BUS1 with your four-digit bus stop ID, download the free Transit app, or use Google Maps. Follow MST on Twitter at for the latest service alerts.


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