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Monterey City Council Calls For End To State Water Resources Control Board Cease and Desist Order

March 17, 2022
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Monterey, CA. – The City of Monterey has been working to fulfill a state-mandated regional housing needs assessment (RHNA) that assigned Monterey 3,654 housing units (1,177 very low income, 769 low income, 462 moderate-income, and 1,246 market rate), and to place this housing closer to jobs as well as address equity metrics, all within a 2023 to 2031 timeframe. The aspirational goal to address these issues is impossible with the current water supply restrictions imposed by the State.

To address the lack of water to fulfill the housing needs requirement, City of Monterey Mayor Clyde Roberson, on behalf of the Monterey City Council, sent a letter on March 17, 2022, to the State Water Resources Control Board. In the letter, Mayor Roberson requested that the State Water Resources Control Board immediately lift the Cease and Desist Order (CDO) since the illegal diversions have ceased. If the CDO is lifted, developers could set new water meters and work within the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District’s Credit System.


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