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Applications Due - Hospitality Leadership Alliance

Applications Due - Hospitality Leadership Alliance

Building the next generation of hospitality leaders

MCHA and the Training & Development Committee are finalizing a membership driven program open to emerging and current hospitality leaders. The annual certification and developmental program encourages individual engagement, networking, resume building, professional growth and recognition among MCHA peers.

Who can apply?

Employees of MCHA member businesses who are eager to grow personally and professionally, develop leadership skills, and stay updated with industry trends in the local hospitality community.

Application deadline: November 15, 2023

Annual Program: January 2024 through December 2024

Program Overview

HLA participants are encouraged to participate, engage and contribute to various MCHA activities, events, committees and trainings throughout the year. The program year is unique to each participant, and catered to specific interests within categories and activities including:

  • Event Attendance –  select one of the following

    • Quarterly Membership Lunches
    • Women in Leadership (March)
    • Hospitality Recognition Lunch (November)
    • Employee Appreciation Day (July)
    • HLA Guest Speaker Series

  • Volunteer Contribution – select two of the following

    • Hospitality Recognition Lunch (November)
    • Employee Appreciation Day (July)
    • Rancho Cielo Clothing Drive (April/May)
    • Annual Awards Gala (March/April)
    • Annual Golf Tournament (Fall)
    • Hospitality Career Fair (Spring)
    • HLA Guest Speaker Series

  • Committee Involvement – select one of the following

    • Membership (monthly, on-going)
    • Training & Development (monthly, on-going)
    • Hospitality Recognition Lunch (monthly June – November)
    • Employee Appreciation Day (bi-weekly April – June)
    • Annual Awards Gala (weekly December – March)
    • Annual Golf Tournament (monthly July – October)

  • Community Engagement – select one of the following

    • Guest Speaker – High School or Rancho Cielo Culinary/Hospitality/Tourism Programs
    • Guest Speaker – MPC Culinary or CSUMB Sustainable Hospitality & Tourism Program
    • Mock Interview – Rancho Cielo, High Schools
    • Rancho Cielo Culinary Round-up Volunteer

  • Online resource training – select one of the following with proof of completion

    • Non-required legal training
    • MCHA training, virtual training as approved
    • MCHA MPC Supervisor 101 Workshop (September)
    • MPC Cohort Class toward F&B Certification, Associates Degree or 2+2 CSUMB program

  • Recognition

    • Certification Award upon Completion
    • Acknowledgement at Holiday Annual Lunch
    • Article in Monterey Herald


I am a student. Should I apply?

Yes, if you are a student interested in the hospitality industry and are looking to develop your leadership skills and gain practical experience. One student from CSUMB’s Sustainable Hospitality Management Program and one student from MPC’s Culinary Program will be selected each year.

I work in hospitality, but do not have management experience. Should I apply?

Yes. If you are interested in growing your leadership skills and have aspirations in management, this is the program for you. We also welcome those in current managerial positions that are interested in learning more about the local hospitality community and expanding personal/professional opportunities for growth.

What is the time commitment/length of the program?

One year - January through December. Applications are due November 1 for programs beginning the following year. Throughout the course of the year, participants can expect to contribute approximately 20 hours to the program.

Are there any costs to the program?

The program is open to all employees of MCHA member businesses. There is no cost to join the program. Some optional trainings have associated additional costs as noted on the HLA program overview. The Supervisor 101 Workshop is complimentary for HLA program affiliates, in addition to the following MCHA-hosted events (one per calendar year while enrolled in the program): Quarterly Lunches, Women in Leadership, Hospitality Recognition Lunch, Employee Appreciation Day.

Do I have to be a member of MCHA to apply?

Yes, your employer or company needs to be a MCHA member.

How do I apply?

A referral or property level approval is required (General Manager, Human Resource Director, Manager or school advisor). Once confirmed, simply fill out the form below by November 15 to apply to the program beginning January 1 of the following year.

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Kristin Horton - Executive Director, MCHA

Paige Viren - Training & Development Committee Chair

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November 15, 2023

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