Goals and Objectives

Government Affairs Goals, Objectives and Tasks for 2018

Adopted by Government Affairs Committee November 2, 2017
Ratified by the Board of Directors January 9, 2018

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The Government Affairs Committee promotes and protects the interests of the hospitality industry and the general business community through strong relations with local governments, local officials and key staff; it accomplishes its goals through active collaboration and constructive engagement with other organizations with similar goals.  Government Affairs and MCHA will continue to communicate throughout the year with its members about the activities and accomplishments of the Government Affairs committee, Monterey County Business Political Action Committee and Coalition of Peninsula Businesses.  MCHA and Government Affairs perform critical tasks promoting, protecting and enhancing the hospitality industry’s business climate in the industry’s public image and the general business climate in Monterey County.  Major goals for 2018 include:

  1. Regional Water Supply:

Approval and implementation of a long-term sustainable water source remains hospitality’s number one priority.  The GAC will continue to work closely with the Coalition of Peninsula businesses in supporting their efforts to achieve this goal.  MCHA continues to support the water supply project to include at a minimum a 6.4 desal plant. We also stand with the Coalition in their opposition of expanding GWR/Pure Water Monterey at the expense of downsizing or completely eliminating the slant well desal project, as well as opposing the offer from Marina Coast water district to temporarily sell a limited amount of water (500 acre-feet annually beginning in 2019) MCHA and the GAC also support the Coalition in their position opposing the proposed public buyout of Cal Am. Finally, we support the Coalitions continued endorsement of the three-legged stool approach to solving our water problem, that is, a desal plant, a groundwater recharge facility, and expanded aquifer storage and recovery projects, as proposed in the Cal Am application for the MPWSP.

  1. Development of Critical Transportation Infrastructure:

 GAC will continue active collaboration with community partners TAMC to achieve necessary local and regional transportation projects and priorities.  With the passage of measure X, a sales tax initiative supported by MCHA, the County has become a self-help County which allows TAMC to apply for matching federal funds for road and highway improvement projects.  The two projects of most interest to hospitality are the highway 68 corridor traffic improvement plan, which advocates building a series of roundabouts from Josselyn Canyon Road in Monterey to Blanco Road in Salinas, and the building of a new state highway 156 to the south of the existing highway, to be paid for by charging a toll.  Both proposals are currently in the feasibility stage.  MCHA has not taken a position on the highway 68 proposal, but has serious concerns on the practicality of 10 roundabouts in a 10 mile stretch.  GAC will make a recommendation after receiving additional information that TAMC is currently gathering.  MCHA solidly supports the highway 156 improvements, and is waiting for the feasibility report before taking a formal position.

  1. Political Action:

MCHA and Government Affairs will continue its individual work for candidates and issues and its active collaboration with, and participation in, the Monterey County Business Political Action Committee, the Monterey Bay Issues PAC and Monterey Bay Candidates PAC.  MCHA and Government Affairs will continue to work for stronger and better relations with government officials.  Past efforts to affect beneficial business friendly changes in local elections have been successful. MCHA and Government Affairs will continue to work to identify and promote qualified candidates for election to local offices and to raise the funds necessary for successful campaigns.

MCHA and Government Affairs will continue to evaluate our ongoing involvement with the PAC’s to assure that increased MCHA member participation in, and financial support for, the PAC’s will ensure their success continue and increase.

MCHA and Government Affairs will participate in and collaborate with the Monterey Peninsula Issues and Candidate PAC’s to identify those issues that will potentially affect the Peninsula.  Participation will include work on issues, advocating positions, influencing officials as well as providing financial support for the PAC.

  1. Work for success of tourism marketing and PROMOTION funding

MCHA and Government Affairs will continue to work with the Monterey County Convention and Visitors Bureau to continue the success of the countywide Tourism Improvement district and work to maintain secure, sustainable, increased funding for  tourism marketing and promotion.  MCHA and Government Affairs will fully support the     newly formed TID advisory committee, as well as the Monterey Conference Center advisory committee.

  1. Short-Term Rentals:

In 2017 MCHA took a firm position opposing short-term rentals.  A policy statement reflecting this position was approved by the MCHA Board of Directors.  An STR draft ordinance is currently working its way through the County planning commission and will ultimately be decided by the board of supervisors.  GAC is following this process closely and will continue to represent MCHA’s position at critical meetings and public forums.

  1. Special Events Task Force:

The County Special Event task force meets monthly and GAC is in attendance. This group is made up of County staff, Department heads, Fire, Sheriff, Highway Patrol, Health and Building.  Event Managers and Coordinators mostly from hospitality attend as well.  The meetings are open to the public and well attended.  County staff is crafting a Special Events ordinance that has been in process for the last several years.  It is due to be presented to the BOS in mid-2018.  GAC will monitor this process closely, and report   out as necessary.  MCHA currently opposes a formal special events ordinance. 

  1. FORA:

GAC is following activity at the Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA) closely.  The current FORA agreement expires in 2020.  The FORA board of directors has conducted a series of transition planning workshops, the results of which will be passed on to the CA legislature and the outcome will decide the future governance for the completion of the Fort Ord reuse plan.  There are two schools of thought on how future governance should move forward.  The first known as FORA Light, would employ a regional approach similar to what is currently in place, but on a smaller scale.  This is the preferred method of the majority of the FORA board and MCHA.  The second option, favored by the city of Marina, Land Watch and Keep Fort Ord Wild is to let each jurisdiction self-govern. GAC will continue to monitor and report back to MCHA and the GAC.

  1. BRAC:

Base Realignment and Closure is a process that Monterey County has been through in the past with mixed results.  GAC working with the Monterey Bay Defense Alliance which has been formed to help retain the military facilities in Monterey County will continue to monitor this process, and represent MCHA in meetings with local and Pentagon commanders when appropriate.

To meet these 2018 goals now and in the future, it is essential that the GAC be organized and staffed to be an active, informed and vital voice for MCHA and the hospitality industry.  The GAC must also develop the next group of MCHA’s subject matter experts and leaders.  To meet these goals GAC members will take on an active role of MCHA liaisons to the County, cities and other public agencies.  It will be the liaison’s responsibility to inform themselves on issues in those jurisdictions and present those issues as needed to the GAC.

GAC will continue to monitor events and issues as they arise and will react and advise the board of directors on those important issues that arise affecting hospitality that are not specifically addressed in the 2018 goals.  The GAC will continue to be more proactive and anticipate upcoming issues and events rather than only working in a reactive mode.

GAC will continue to meet on the first Thursday of each month at 8:30 AM (except when rescheduled to avoid event or holiday conflicts).  Periodically guest speakers will be invited to better inform the committee on issues of concern.

Government Affairs Director:
Gary Cursio | CGC, LLC | (831) 262-3310