Current Issues

The 2014 elections are over … but the work goes on. Overall the candidates and measures we supported did quite well. We endorsed 17 candidates; 14 were successful in being elected. Both of the tax measures MCHA endorsed (Measure P and Measure Q) passed with more than 70% of the vote. So, MCHA supported the winners in 16 out of 19 times. That is very good. What’s next …

We know, and certainly do not expect, that the successful candidates that MCHA endorsed will vote in our favor every time we have an issue in front of them. Our task will be to support them when we can, educate them on the issues facing our industry and to advocate our positions on those issues. They must vote to do what they believe is best for their communities. We will monitor their voting records and opinions to see how well their actions mesh with our goals.

For those successful candidates that we did not support, we will be talking with them about how we can best move forward in a collaborative manner to work on those issues affecting our communities, to reach mutually beneficial ends and move forward together. We will monitor their voting records and opinions as well to see how well their actions mesh with our goals.

Elected officials are aware, as are we, that there is always another election!

On the tax measures, MCHA will monitor the manner in which those funds are used. In both measures the tax funds are to be used for very specific purposes. This will be very important for Measure P, Monterey’s 1% sales tax because the sales tax is in place for only 4 years. The City will then have to go back to the voters for an extension of that sales tax. MCHA has already indicated that if the tax monies are not spent wisely it is unlikely we will support the extension in 2018.

So, elections are over and candidate messages will not, for a short time at least, fill the media and our mail …but MCHA’s work continues…


Monterey County Supervisor, District 2:
Judge John Phillips – Won

Del Rey Oaks City Council:
Dennis Allion – Won

Mayor, City of Salinas:
Joe Gunter – Won

Salinas City Council, District 2:
Steve McShane – Won

Salinas City Council, District 5:
Kimbley Craig – Won

Monterey City Council:
Ed Smith -WON
Hansen Reed – Did not win

Mayor, City of Pacific Grove:
Bill Kampe – Won

Pacific Grove City Council:
Rudy Fischer – Won
Ken Cuneo – Won
Bill Peake – Won

Mayor, City of Marina:
Ken Turgen – Did not win

Marina City Council:
Nancy Amadeo – Won
Dan Devlin – Did not win

Mayor, City of Seaside:
Ralph Rubio – Won

Monterey Regional Airport:
Carl Miller – Won
Matt Nelson – Won

Yes on Measure P, the City of Monterey 1% Sales Tax – Passed

Yes on Q, Monterey Salinas Transit’s 1/8th % Countywide Sales tax – Passed