Advocacy/Governmental Affairs

MCHA’s Government Affairs Committee minimizes government intervention and maximizes MCHA participation and influence in governmental actions. Working on behalf of the entire MCHA membership, we promote and protect the interests of the hospitality industry and the general business community through strong relations with local governments, local officials and key staff. The committee also accomplishes these goals through active collaboration and constructive engagement with other organizations with similar goals. Government Affairs and MCHA will increase member communications throughout the year, sharing information about our committee activities and accomplishments as well as Monterey County Business Political Action Committee activities and accomplishments. MCHA and Government Affairs perform critical tasks related to promoting, protecting and enhancing the hospitality industry’s business climate, the industry’s public image and the general business climate in Monterey County. Major goals for the year include:

  • Work for accomplishment of the Regional Water Project and for reasonable water policies
  • Advocate for the development of critical transportation infrastructure and the successful oversight of the Regional Taxi Authority
  • Maintain active task force engagement on issues of major concern
  • Work for successful tourism marketing and promotion funding
  • Continue involvement in political action initiatives
  • Participate in special event coordination and promotion and economic development efforts

MCHA Government Affairs meetings occur on the first Thursday of every month, at 8:30 a.m. Check Agenda for current month location.

Committee Co-chairs

Janine Chicourrat | Portola Hotel & Spa | 831.649.4511
Rick Aldinger |Big Sur River Inn | 831.667-2700

Government Affairs Director:
Gary Cursio | CGC, LLC | (831) 262-3310