Executive Committee 2020

Gerrese (20) Jeroen Sanctuary Beach Resort Chair
Chicourrat (21) Janine Portola Hotel & Spa In-coming Chair
Chidlaw (20) Chris Chidlaw Marketing Past Chair
Watson  (20) Mark Inns By the Sea Treasurer
Hurley (20) Natalia Monterey Bay Aquarium Secetary
Sommers (20) Chris Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa
Boskoff (20) Rene Monterey Marriott
Avella (20) John CSUMB
Owens (20) Teri Embassy Suites

Board of Directors 2020

Aldinger (21) Rick Big Sur RIver Inn
Chorbajian (20) Carol CCME
Ford (20) Kaitlin Pocket Full of Plans
Gogliucci (20) Michele Car Week Concierge & Events
Hlasny (21) Thomas Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits
Kuhn (20) Courtney Grasing’s
Lermen (21) Kai Quail Lodge
Mathes (20) Dawn Pebble Beach Company
Oprish (20) Mike Corral de Tierra
Pennington (21) Matt Laguna Seca Golf/PG Golf
Sedoryk (20) Carl MST
Sumners (21) Jeanie WeatherTech Raceway
Tackett (20) Vicki Certified Folder Display Service
Teel (20) Sam CA Lodging Brokers

2020 Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

(The Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of each month at times listed below, except where noted)

January 14th 8:30 AM
February 11th 10:00 AM followed by lunch
March 10th 8:30 AM
April 14th 10:00 AM followed by lunch
May 12th 8:30 AM
June 9th 10:00 AM
July TBD
August 11th 10:00 AM followed by lunch
September 8th 8:30 AM
October 13th 10:00 AM followed by lunch
November 10th 8:30 AM
December 8th (Christmas luncheon only)