MCHA Education Seminar Series

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021 “Dignity and Respect: Pillars of Guest Problem Solving” Webinar

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For supervisors and front line workers


  • Brian Corpening, Chief Diversity Officer – Cal State Monterey Bay
  • Scott Stratton, Manager Guest Experience Training MB Aquarium

  • Teri Owens, General Manager – Embassy Suites on Monterey Bay – Session Emcee
  • Angel Gonzalez, Professor Sustainable Hospitality Management Program –
    Cal State Monterey Bay (Q&A Moderator)

In this session we will explore:

  1. The difference between customer service and hospitality
  2. The power and perils of guest interactions
  3. Some important qualities of a “strategic” staff-guest-interaction plan that builds visitor goodwill.

Our thesis is that through a system of abundant, positive interactions and expectations, our staff is set up for success with the broad spectrum of visitors we serve – through both outstanding hospitality and engaging compliance interactions. Given the unique-but-not-so-unique nature of Covid-era compliance-interactions (wearing face masks, physical distancing, etc), we will introduce a four-phase model for guest relationship-building that allows staff to visualize levels of hospitality and compliance, as well as gain a sense for their own self-efficacy at each of the various levels. In this session we will offer some universal de-escalation sound-bites for the respective phases along the continuum – inform, inquire, explain and facilitate. Ultimately, success at our properties is determined by the degree to which we are able to:

  1. Inspire and train our staff to broadly and consistently engage with our guests
  2. Offer a vision where all interactions with all guests can be positively memorable.

For any questions please call or e-mail the MCHA Administrative Office
(831) 626-8636

– Education Webinar – Dignity and Respect “Pillars of Guest Problem Solving”

April 14, 2021