May 3, 2018 (8:30 AM to 10:00 AM)
Portola Hotel and Spa (Portola Room)

05/03/2018 Agenda adobe-acrobat-reader

  1. Call To Order (Ruhnke)
  2.  Announcements (All)
  3. MCHA Executive Committee Report (Chidlaw/Adams)
  4. Additions to the Agenda (All)
  5. Approval of Minutes (Ruhnke)
  6. Government Agency Representatives and Elected Officials Report /Q&A
  • County  5th. District Supervisor Mary Adams Report Out/ Q&A
  • Sacramento
  • Government Agencies
  • TAMC
  • MST
  1. Government Agency Representatives and Elected Officials Adjourn
  2. New Business (None)
  3. Standing Committee Reports
  • Coalition of Peninsula Businesses (Narigi)
  • Conference Center/Advisory Board Update  (Chicourrat/Narigi)
  • FORA Update  (Cursio)
  • Measure P-2 Update (Chorbajian/Aldinger)
  • MCHA Immigration Policy (No Input or Instructions Received)
  1. Old Business (None)
  2. Member Requests for Action and Discussion
  3. Non-Voting Members and Open Session Adjourn
  4. Convene Board Appointed Members Closed Session (If Required)

Next Meeting
June 7, 2018
Portola Hotel and Spa